Best Toys for Kids Below $100

Many parents might want to buy one big toy for their kid for an occasion like a birthday or Christmas but won’t it be a better idea to buy your kids a variety of toys each at a lower price but still one of the best in the market available? From toddler recliners to kids electric cars, the following toys are all below $100, some falling even below $50 and are safe and suitable for kids of all ages. They are available either through offline retailers or more easily through online platforms like Amazon.

  • Luvabella

If you are looking to have someone to interact with, Luvabella is the doll for you. Primarily designed for kids above the age of 4, this doll is also the best way to learn words and phrases as it is pre – programmed to help your kid learn. For kids who want to pamper their dolls, the toy comes with spoons, bottles and pacifiers. Surely your kid is going to be engaged all day long.

  • Thomas and Friends Super Stations

Thomas and Friends are incredibly popular amongst kids and many of them dream for having toy trains and playing with them. The train station has the capacity to hold more than 100 trains at once, and due to its height, many children can play at the same time. Also, it helps your child develop creative skills since it provides an option to customize layouts.

  • Imaginext BatBot

This toy measuring 2ft in height is an interactive toy and a playing set for the kid who loves being a superhero. The movements displayed by the toy are to extend hands, close fists and trigger punches. An in – built voice changer offer some incredibly cool sound effects.

  • Teddy Ruxpin

If you are a fan of the original Teddy Ruxpin, a newer interactive version is out in the market! This time, the toy features a pair of LCD eyes and a moving mouth. It also comes integrated with a story times app which helps kids learn the stories of Teddy Ruxpin from an iPad.

  • Dropmix

This too integrated with a mobile app called by the same name, allows kids to create song mixes using arrangement of cards. This game is recommended for slightly older kids aged 16 years and above.

  • Propel Star Wars Drones

If you love Star Wars, you need to buy this pack of three drones the X wing, Tie Fighter and Speeder bike which can reach speeds of up to 35 miles an hour. The app which has been integrated with it provides free training that can help you get started. Also to add to this, the packaging is amazingly cool and it is the best fit for a toy collector.