The best dog food for a poodle

The dog show ‘grind’ has gradually become prominent which has resulted in the Poodle being identified as a proper and regal dog. The poodles are mischievous and playful in nature. They have become recognized as one of the dog breeds with high levels of intelligence. Their best characteristics are their sociability and fierce loyalty to their families. It is therefore essential that the best food for a poodle is selected among the many brands in the market claiming to provide the best nutrition for your dog.

Best dog food for a poodle

Poodles have drastically evolved over time from when they were being bred using the name water retrievers to the present day where there are three types of poodles. Poodle dogs can be classified into three categories namely the Miniature poodles, the standard poodles and the Toy poodles.  The difference between the three types of poodles is not in the function or appearance but rather in the body size. Irrespective of the type of poodle that you own the most important factor is to ensure that you provide your poodle with the best quality dog food to fuel them and nourish their bodies. The physical as well as the mental health of your pooch greatly relies on the proper nutrition given to them.

What is the right food quantity for poodles?

There are several factors that determine the quantity of food that your poodle requires. The weight and size of the poodle are the main factors that influence the amount of food required by the dog. The poodles vary in weight some as light as six pound and some as heavy as seventy pounds. The lifestyle is another important factor to be put under consideration. Inactive poodle will require less food as compared to the active dogs which will require more food to provide them with energy throughout the day. The age of the dogs is another crucial factor when it comes to nutrition, young dogs will require consuming more calories as compared to old dogs since they are in the process of growing and body building.

Measuring the nutritional value

Any dog owner should monitor the food consumption as well as the activity levels of their poodles throughout their lifespan as recommended by vets. As your poodle develops it is essential to adjust the quantity of food fed to them to ensure that their nutritional requirements are met as they are developing and growing. The food nutritional value for every type of food varies so the best method to measure the nutritional value of the food should be through the quantity of the calories present rather than the general quantity of the food.