Top 3 dog beds for Great Danes 2018

Despite the gigantic size of the Great Danes they are widely recognized as dogs that are sweet natured. Many individuals often refer to them as the gentle giants. The Great Danes are extremely large canines which are prone to illnesses such as arthritis, hip dysplasia and joint damage as a result of them being extremely large in size. The huge template often results in serious illnesses at the later stages of their lives. Due to these reasons it is therefore essential that the bed selected for your Great Dane meets several specifications. The beds for these huge canines should be of superior quality and extremely supportive. The joint issues are frequently experienced in huge dog breeds as opposed to the tiny ones so their beds need to be orthopedically designed specifically for them.

Big Barker

This bed has been specifically designed for the huge and extremely huge canines such as the Great Dane. The bed has been constructed using microfiber covers that are long lasting and durable. the bed contains lots of high quality comfort foam to ensure that the dog experiences the ultimate comfort. These beds are the ideal way to ensure that your huge canine is provided with maximum comfort for a long time to come. There are several layers of high quality and orthopaedic support foams to ensure maximum comfort is achieved. The beds have the capacity to stay in good shape for up to ten years without them going flat.  This type of dog bed can be easily washed using the washing machine since the covers can be easily removed.  If your dog is a fan of resting their head on the pillow the bed has a headrest feature which is a raised surface that your dog can use to nuzzle. The big barker is considered one of the best dog beds for Great Danes by many dog owners. The dogs have been designed and manufactured in the USA which makes it of higher quality as opposed to the other brands produced in China. The only drawback about these beds is that they are among the most expensive dog beds so the dog owner has to be willing to part with a hefty sum of money.

Coolaro Dog Bed

This type of bed is ideal for huge dogs as it provides additional support with the mesh material which makes it unique. It is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. The washing process is very easy since a hose pipe can be sprayed to clean the mesh material.