What are the best luxury toilet brands?

While building a luxurious house, you may put all the luxurious features in it that are the best. You may make a palace which no other palace can match up to. But your real character and sensibility will be defined by how good and luxurious a toilet you have in your house. This can sound crazy but its a fact! Toilet denotes your cleanliness. That how clean and clear you want your surroundings to be. A good and clean toilet would indicate that you are truly a fan of cleanliness and you love to stay in a place which is clean. Also cleaning the house is pretty easy and anyone can keep the house clean. The real difficulty is keeping the toilet clean and nicely set. That is why people judge the cleanliness of a person by considering how clean their toilet is.

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Also, it is said that the best thoughts and ideas come in the toilet. This can be true because we go to the toilet to excrete all the waste from our body. This somehow creates an aura which automatically cleans wastes out from our thought process too. That means we are left with pure and fruitful thoughts. Our mind gets ready to produce fresh innovative thoughts. And these fresh thoughts will nurture in our mind only when the aura of the toilet is clean and very comfortable and luxurious. The toilet seat should be very snug and there should be nothing irritating you. Then only you will have fresh thoughts and ideas. That is why having a luxurious toilet seat is very important.

Best luxury toilet brands

  • Kohler- Kohler is the best toilet brand with a wide variety of designs and variants of toilet seats. Kohler toilets are wall mounted which will leave that extra space in the toilet to move around and feel a bit spacious. It also provides the best toilet accessories.
  • Duravit- Duravit produces the most durable toilets which can last for a long time. The fitting system is really efficient and you won’t see any external pipes which can destroy the look of your toilet.
  • Niagara- Niagara toilets are maintenance free toilets and they don’t need any close care for a long period of time. No repairs needed is the guarantee that the company proudly takes.
  • Toto- Toto toilets are widely famous for their rimless design which provides no space for bacterias to breed. Also, Toto provides the best innovative technology with stylish designs. A perfect combination indeed!