What are the best poop scoopers for huskies

No dog owner takes pleasure in cleaning up after their dog but that is a part and puzzle of owning a dog. The dog poop is already recognized as an environmental pollutant so cleaning up is not a request but a mandatory task. The task can be really frustrating but the advancement in  technology has resulted to the manufacture of tools that are efficient and effective. Tools such as poop scoopers, poop bags and  shovels make cleaning after your pet an easy task.  The best poop scoopers make the process of cleaning after your dog fast without having to soil your hands. There are numerous brands in the market  each advertising their tools as the best which is not always the case. It is therefore the responsibility of the dog owner to identify the best poop scoopers for huskies.

Why use a dog pooper scooper?

According to a survey that was recently conducted in the United States of America there are more that eighty three million dogs that produce a total of about ten tonnes of poop annually. The dog poop contains elements such as viruses, bacteria and parasites which make it an environment pollutant. When these components present in the poop come in contact with the soil they leach it causing contamination in the water. Therefore collecting the poop immediately your dog releases it is the responsible and respectable course of action. With all the knowledge and research on pet waste pollution it would be ignorant to neglect the environment since polluting the environment will be hazardous especially for human beings living in this planet. Water pollution will only be a start and eventually the health of other human beings in the environment will deteriorate as a result of the bacteria and parasites which might cause infection. Animals might also suffer since insects can easily spread diseases present in the pet waste.

Picking pet waste is very disgusting but with the appropriate tools it becomes bearable. The best dog scoopers will eliminate the hassle of picking up poop and bending. They also allow one to place the poop inside the poop bag easily.

The best poop scoopers

Majority of the dog poop scoopers create more problems than they provide solutions for but the best scoopers are ecological friendly. The best dog poop scoopers that have been identified in 2018 as the most ecologically friendly is the 1 2-in-1 Rake N’ Spade with Pan from Nature’s Miracle. The dog scooper is ideal for use on tiny as well as huge dogs. It works seamless on different surfaces like snow, gravel, grass or concrete.