What are the most obedient dog breeds?

Training your dog is an essential part of bring a dog owner but prior to doing that you need to understand the things that certain breeds are capable of doing. Each and every type and breed of dogs has its own unique characteristics and the capabilities that they can achieve through training. Prior to adopting that pet learn this things so that the training process becomes much easier. The response received from training varies depending on the breed. Some might be extremely responsive while some might not be. In order for the dog owner and the dog to have an effective relationship training will need to be done appropriately. If the dog owner is into an active lifestyle that involves sports, exercising or agility then the dog breed they decide to get should those that can be easily trained since they make the most ideal companions. Both the active and non-active dogs will require some degree of exercise.

Border Collie

This dog is considered one of the most obedient and trainable dog breed. Intelligence dictates that these dogs make the perfect companions. The energy levels in this breed is very high and they therefore need to be extremely active. In order for them to be perfectly obedient the training needs to be done from a very tender age. If you have no prior experience in training dogs it is recommended that you visit a behaviour specialist to give you a few tips and guidelines on conducting the basic training.


This breed has been in existence for a long time and has always been among the most popular dog breeds. These dogs are characterized by their high intelligence, obedience and gentle nature. In case one suffers from allergies associated with hair and fur then the poodle is the perfect dog for them to adopt. In addition to being perfect companions the poodles are very obedient hence easy to train not only in the basic training but also in dog sports.

Australian Shepherd

This breed of dog has endless advantages all due to their great qualities. They are considered very intelligent, follow orders easily and their energy levels are extremely high. Their ability to follow orders easily makes them very obedient while their high energy levels make them very active. It is also very easy to train this breed of dogs in the basic as well as dog sports since they can easily follow your instructions.