When should you reward your dog with a treat?

The dog’s birthday

A dog should be rewarded with a dog treat as a commemoration and celebration of the day that he or she was born. This is important because getting a dog makes it part of one’s family and therefore earns it the right to some of the privileges that are accorded to family members. The celebration of a dog’s birthday should come with treats that it is not used to.  Sometimes even use dog costumes to make it all the more exciting for the dog.

Reward for accomplished tasks

When a dog has successfully accomplished a task like finding your car keys or stopping thieves, it is important to reward the dog because this will serve as an encouragement that will prove useful for future assignments. Or even better yet you can find top interactive dog toys and help improve the intelligence of your dog!

In ranches, when the dog helps in rounding up cattle that had strayed so far or that are unruly, the dog should be rewarded with a treat for work well done. Supposing also the dog helps in tracking and finding misplaced or lost items or leading a lost kid home, this definitely requires recognition which can take the form of a good treat to make the dog feel appreciated.

Family events or celebrations

The very significant fact that the dog is part of the family from the time it was acquired makes it necessary that when the family is having a celebration, the dog should share in the celebration. Seasons like Christmas when everyone is getting a gift and sharing special meals the dog should be given its own share of the goodies because he or she is part of the family. On birthdays for the children also when the cake is going round, the dog should also be made part and parcel of the celebration by giving a piece of the cake to the dog and even putting a colorful birthday cap on the dog’s head.

When the dog delivers puppies

The same way a mother receives gifts and cards when she gives birth to a baby is the same way dogs should be congratulated for work well done in delivering her puppies. The dog should therefore be treated to special meals which in as much as serving a congratulatory purpose, also serve to nourish and replenish lost nutrients, energy and blood content to the dog so that it will regain its strength and stature.